EDGE 3D Technologies is a company that is based out India with a global presence. We are the leading service providers for 3D Laser Scanning, Mobile LiDAR Scanning and Point Cloud Processing in the South East Asia region. Our services have multiple applications in the Industrial, Construction, Marine, Aerospace and Mapping sectors. We possess some of the best technology that is available in the market and we work round the clock to ensure that our clients get the best output in the shortest time possible. We look forward to doing business with you!


EDGE 3D provides various 3D laser-scanning services like terrestrial, airborne and static services. Providing real time solutions to the clients in support to their projects execution.


Asset Management is the combination of management, financial, economic, engineering, and other practices applied to physical assets with the objective of providing the required level of service in the most cost-effective manner.


BIM concept is the most well versed concept in developing building design and execution of the projects due to its multi-fold project integration concepts and ready use virtual model concepts.


It helps in documenting the reports by extracting and annotating the drawings from generated 3d models for aged residential areas and industries.


EDGE3D also uses street mappers to help map highways,roads and other urban settings. The data from the street mapping will help in asset management, features extraction, waterways mapping, drainage mapping and electrical mapping.


3D printing or additive manufacturing is a process of making three dimensional solid objects from a digital file. The creation of a 3D printed object is achieved using additive processes.

Case Studies

Some of the projects that we have executed over the years.

FMCG One of our leading FMCG clients has decided to replace the existing HVAC system currently functioning in their facility. Due to the lack of documentation of the facility. They contacted us to develop As-Built documentation of their facility

OIL & GAS One of our leading refinery clients planned for strategic shut down and expansion of their Delayed coker unit of 3,00,000 b/day capacity at one of their facilities. For the expansion the client decided to have an as-built documentation of the unit with 2d drawings and Virtual 3d model. Area Scanned is 45,000 sq mts over 7 mezzanines.

PMC A leading PMC faced a problem with the construction schedule, volume of concrete used and area the concrete was laid for one of their builders, They opted to survey the site with a high precision technology rather than the conventional measuring methods or generating methods to extract the area statements & volumetric calculations in less time

CONSTRUCTION A construction giant has opted to survey their constructions phase-wise after laying couple of floors to know the quality of construction. They want to know whether the construction alignment is matching architectural design drawings. Which they felt might affect the sales of their constructed complexes.

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