Oil and Gas

Renovation and project planning using Lidar technology


One of our leading refin¬ery clients planned for strategic shut down and expansion of their de¬layed coker unit of 3,00,000 b/day capacity at one of their facilities. For the expansion the client decided to prepare an as-built documentation of the unit with 2d drawings and a Virtual 3d model. Area Scanned is 45,000 sqmts. over 7 mezzanines.


As-Built documentation of the coker unit could not be obtained easily because of the high density and sophistication of the piping. The documentation needed to be done within their scheduled shutdown time.


EDGE 3D is a leading service provider in 3D Laser Scanning. We used our state of the art laser scanners to scan the entire facility in the time frame given to us by the client.

Solution Provided

Edge 3D's in-home team has developed a non-intelligent model from the raw data that was acquired from the refinery, which was later used to develop an Intelligent model with advanced cad/-cam softwares. The information received from the site was used to extract the Piping layouts, P&Id's, Isometrics, Equipment layouts & Structural drawings. The team further converted the visible plant into a virtual computer aided model for a quick check of layouts and locations.


Edge 3D helped the operation team by providing 2D digitized drawings and 3D Models. We also helped prevent project Cost and Time overruns.


Our client was satisfied with the solution and Documentation provided by us which are further being used as tools for assessment and strategic planning for the expansion and maintenance of the delayed coker unit.