Digital Twin of a 250 year old cathedral & landmark of Bangalore.

location icon Bangalore, India

description icon DESCRIPTION

The cathedral is a 250 year old church and a landmark in the city of Bangalore, having an iconic address of #1, MG Road. Being a heritage site the church committee wanted to have a master plan of the church and needed to carry out renovation work on the structure. Using 3D laser scanning Edge 3D surveyed the 2 acre property and developed a master plan and as-built documentation. This helped the church to carry out renovation work needed and also identify other areas which needed renovation.

description icon BACKGROUND

Being a cultural and heritage monument, it was important to create a digital twin of the monument. Using 3D laser scanning technology Edge 3D successfully deliver to our Client the As-Built documentation, a digital twin of the cathedral, and a master plan to plan new construction at their campus. This also helped to plan events at their premises having a master plan of the Cathedral.

description icon OUR DELIVERABLES

  • 3D Dump Model
  • Intelligent Model
  • 2D Architectural Drawings
  • Structural Layout
  • Master Plan
  • 3DLaserScanningSurvey
  • 3DModeling
  • AsbuiltDocumentation
  • ScantoBIM
  • RevitModelling
  • HeritageConservation
  • MasterPlan