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Construction Verification is a cutting-edge solution designed to preemptively identify construction mistakes, offering a proactive approach to prevent costly issues. By comparing laser scans of as-built conditions with 3D Navisworks models, Construction Verification ensures accurate quality assessments, enabling the inspection of 100% of installed work in the time it traditionally takes to spot-check just 5%.

Construction Verification Expertise

Our expertise lies in utilizing computer vision algorithms to meticulously compare point clouds to 3D models. This process allows us to measure the precise distance between the intended and actual placement of elements, resulting in a highly accurate, detailed, and comprehensive variance analysis. ClearEdge provides unprecedented insight into construction errors through various QA tools, offering customizable heat maps and precise measuring tools for a thorough understanding of deviations from the design.


Construction Verification employs sophisticated computer vision algorithms to achieve accurate quality assessments. Our technology is tailored to identify construction errors efficiently, providing valuable data for proactive decision-making.


Construction Verification is instrumental in checking 100% of installed work, significantly reducing costly rework and delivering accurate as-builts. It offers a variety of QA tools for viewing and understanding construction errors, including customizable heat maps and precise measuring tools. The system enables the creation of a true as-built model, facilitating seamless updates to coordination models to reflect real-world conditions.

Output Formats

We gain new insights into potential clashes and conflicts with future work by performing existing clash-detection workflows. We export point clouds for out-of-tolerance elements to the appropriate design platform, empowering subcontractors to make quick updates. Comprehensive reports and visualizations are provided, allowing our clients to make informed decisions based on accurate and detailed variance analysis.

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Use cases

Quality Assurance in Building Construction:

Ensure Quality Assurance in Building Construction with Construction Verification, preventing rework, enhancing As-Built Precision, enabling Laser Scan Comparison, facilitating proactive Quality Control, and achieving Construction Quality Enhancement.

Risk Mitigation in Facility Retrofitting:

Employ Construction Verification for Risk Mitigation in Facility Retrofitting, identifying clashes and conflicts, streamlining conflict resolution, minimizing errors, integrating seamlessly, and ensuring updates align with verified specifications.

Design Change Management in Large-Scale Developments:

Benefit Large-Scale Developments with Construction Verification in Design Change Management, enhancing stakeholder collaboration, validating modifications, efficiently managing construction phase changes, enabling proactive Design Management, and streamlining Project Progress Tracking.

Ensuring Compliance in Critical Infrastructure Projects:

Leverage Construction Verification for Ensuring Compliance in Critical Infrastructure Projects, monitoring design specification compliance, upholding safety standards, navigating regulatory environments seamlessly, facilitating adherence to guidelines, and ensuring Infrastructure Functionality Assurance.