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Explore Edge 3D's groundbreaking 3D scanning and modeling solutions tailor-made for the oil and gas industry. Our cutting-edge technology and proficiency enable oil and gas professionals to optimize their operations, mitigate risks, and enhance productivity.


1.Improved operational efficiency and asset management..
2.Enhanced safety and risk mitigation measure.
3.Cost-effective and sustainable solutions for plant modifications.
4.Reduced downtime and increased productivity.
5.Compliance with stringent industry regulations.

Why Choose Edge 3D:

Edge 3D's expertise and track record in delivering exceptional 3D scanning and modeling solutions to the oil and gas industry make us the preferred choice for leading players in the sector. We are committed to fostering growth and innovation in this dynamic industry.

Use cases

Asset Integrity Management

Monitor the structural integrity of oil rigs, pipelines, and facilities through detailed 3D scans for proactive maintenance and safety.

Plant Revamp and Upgrade

Accurate 3D models facilitate plant modifications and upgrades, minimizing downtime and maximizing efficiency. .

Pipeline Design and Layout

Create 3D models for optimized pipeline design, reducing construction costs and enhancing performance

Safety Simulations

Conduct virtual safety drills and simulations to enhance emergency response preparedness.