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Our Virtual Walkthrough service takes you on an immersive journey through spaces, all from the comfort of your location. Powered by Matterport's cutting-edge 3D VR capture and 360 panoramic walkthroughs, this technology offers an unparalleled experience, perfect for real estate, tourism, and cultural heritage industries. With stunning visual realism and interactive features, Matterport virtual walkthroughs create engaging and captivating experiences for your audience. From showcasing properties to aiding interior designers in their creative process, our Virtual Walkthrough service adds a new dimension to exploration and marketing.

Edge 3D's Expertise:

As a leading provider of Virtual Walkthrough services, Edge 3D boasts a team of skilled professionals who excel in creating captivating and seamless virtual experiences. Leveraging Matterport's state-of-the-art technology, our team crafts immersive walkthroughs that leave a lasting impression on viewers. With a keen eye for detail and a deep understanding of the industries we serve, our expertise ensures that your spaces are showcased in the best possible light, attracting and engaging your target audience.


At Edge 3D, we employ Matterport's advanced VR capture technology to create stunning virtual walkthroughs. The Matterport cameras and software allow us to capture spaces with incredible precision and detail, resulting in lifelike representations that transport viewers to the heart of the experience. Our commitment to using the latest and most innovative equipment underscores our dedication to delivering top-quality Virtual Walkthrough services.


Our Virtual Walkthrough service finds extensive application in various industries. Real estate professionals leverage these immersive experiences to showcase properties to potential buyers, providing them with a realistic feel for the space. In the tourism industry, virtual walkthroughs offer a preview of attractions, enticing travelers to explore further. Additionally, cultural heritage organizations utilize this technology to preserve and share historical sites and artifacts with global audiences. Interior designers, on the other hand, benefit from enhanced design visualization and effective marketing tools to present their creative vision to clients.

Output Formats

Edge 3D provides Virtual Walkthrough outputs that are compatible with various platforms and devices, ensuring widespread accessibility. These engaging experiences can be easily integrated into websites, social media, and virtual reality platforms, allowing your audience to explore and interact with the spaces in a seamless manner. Our versatile output formats empower you to harness the full potential of Matterport's virtual walkthroughs for your marketing and promotional activities.

Case study

With Edge 3D's Virtual Walkthrough service, you can elevate your engagement strategies, showcase your spaces with unrivaled realism, and captivate your audience like never before.

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Use cases

Virtual Property Tours and Marketing:

Revolutionize real estate with immersive Virtual Property Tours, offering remote exploration, high-quality presentations, reduced foot traffic, and streamlined archiving.

Virtual Facility Inspection and Training:

Enhance operational efficiency through 3D walkthroughs for remote inspections, safety training, collaborative planning, equipment maintenance, regulatory compliance, and simplified archiving.

Facility Management and Maintenance:

Leverage Digital Twin Creation for efficient maintenance planning, predictive maintenance, improved training, collaborative planning, health and safety audits, space optimization, remote client collaboration, and simplified archiving.

Vessel Inspection and Documentation:

Benefit from detailed Vessel Inspection using 3D scanning for remote condition assessment, predictive maintenance planning, immersive training, collaborative planning, remote client engagement, and streamlined archiving.