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Immerse yourself in Edge 3D's state-of-the-art 3D scanning and modeling solutions dedicated to heritage preservation. Our cutting-edge technology enables accurate digital documentation of historical sites, artifacts, and structures for posterity.


1.Accurate and detailed preservation of cultural heritage for future generations.
2.Global accessibility to heritage sites through virtual exhibits.
3.Enhanced planning and conservation strategies with 3D documentation.
4.Increased safety of delicate artifacts through digital replication.

Why Choose Edge 3D:

Edge 3D's passion for heritage preservation and expertise in 3D scanning and modeling ensure that we offer unparalleled solutions to protect and showcase the world's cultural legacy.

Use cases

Architectural Documentation

Create precise 3D models of heritage buildings and structures to aid in restoration and conservation efforts.

Artifact Replication

Digitally recreate delicate artifacts and objects to preserve their legacy while ensuring their physical safety.

Cultural Heritage Documentation

Record and archive cultural heritage sites for educational and research purposes.

Virtual Exhibits

Develop virtual exhibits and tours of heritage sites, enabling global accessibility and education.