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Our Drone Surveying service offers cutting-edge capabilities to capture high-resolution aerial imagery and topographic data using advanced UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) and state-of-the-art sensors. This technology empowers us to survey large areas and reach inaccessible terrain with unprecedented precision and efficiency. Drone surveying finds extensive application in diverse industries, from land mapping and construction site monitoring to infrastructure inspection and environmental assessment. With our aerial surveying expertise, we provide valuable insights and data that enable informed decision-making and optimize various projects.

Edge 3D's Expertise:

At Edge 3D, we boast a team of skilled and licensed drone operators who are well-versed in the art of aerial surveying. With years of experience and a comprehensive understanding of drone technology, our experts efficiently plan and execute survey missions to meet your specific project requirements. From capturing detailed images to generating accurate topographic data, our team ensures that you receive reliable and actionable information for your projects.


To deliver top-notch drone surveying services, we employ advanced UAVs equipped with high-resolution cameras and cutting-edge sensors. Our fleet of drones is capable of covering large areas efficiently and capturing data with remarkable precision. We invest in the latest drone technology and ensure regular maintenance to guarantee the highest quality and safety standards in our aerial surveys.


Our Drone Surveying service offers versatile applications across various industries. For land mapping and planning, we provide detailed topographic data that aids in urban planning, agriculture, and environmental management. In the construction industry, our aerial surveys enable efficient site monitoring, progress tracking, and identification of potential issues. Infrastructure inspection and maintenance benefit from our drone surveys, as we can access and assess hard-to-reach structures with ease and accuracy.

Output Formats

Edge 3D provides drone surveying outputs in a variety of formats, including high-resolution imagery, ortho mosaic maps, point clouds, and digital surface models (DSMs). These formats can be easily integrated with GIS (Geographical Information Systems) and CAD (Computer-Aided Design) software, allowing seamless incorporation of the survey data into your existing workflows.

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With Edge 3D's Drone Surveying service, you gain access to advanced aerial survey technology, comprehensive data insights, and a reliable partner in driving the success of your projects.

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Use Cases

Aerial Surveying and

Transform traditional surveying with Drone Surveying for Aerial Surveying and Mapping, enhancing Progress Monitoring, Resource Management, Safety Inspections, Project Documentation, Communication, Collaboration, Environmental Impact Assessment, Surveying in Challenging Terrains, and Cost-Efficiency.

Pipeline Inspection and Monitoring:

Employ Drone Surveying in Pipeline Inspection and Monitoring for Aerial Surveillance, Leak Detection, Environmental Monitoring, Remote and Inaccessible Area Inspection, Corrosion Monitoring, Emergency Response, Incident Assessment, Inspection Data Integration, and Regulatory Compliance.

Facility Inspection and Asset Management:

Leverage Drone Surveying in Facility Inspection and Asset Management for Structural Inspections, Asset Condition Monitoring, Confined Space Inspection, Environmental Monitoring, Solar Panel Inspection, Construction and Project Management, Emergency Response, Incident Assessment, Inventory Management, and Inspection Data Integration.

Comprehensive Renewable Energy Infrastructure Inspection:

Essential for Comprehensive Renewable Energy Infrastructure Inspection, Drone Surveying offers capabilities in Wind Turbine Inspection, Hydropower Infrastructure Inspection, Solar Farm Inspection, Geothermal Exploration and Monitoring, Biomass Facility Inspection, Renewable Energy Project Planning, Emergency Response, Incident Assessment, Data Integration, and Reporting.