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Explore Edge 3D's game-changing 3D scanning and modeling solutions designed for the VFX industry. Our high-precision technology empowers VFX professionals to create immersive visual experiences and bring their creative vision to life.


1.Realistic and immersive visual experiences.
2.Time and cost savings through digital asset creation.
3.High-quality animation and motion capture.
4.Enhanced creative freedom and limitless possibilities

Why Choose Edge 3D:

Edge 3D's expertise in delivering precision 3D scanning and modeling solutions to the VFX industry ensures that we help VFX professionals achieve their creative vision and captivate audiences worldwide.

Use cases

Digital Characterization

Digitally scan and model real-world actors and objects for seamless integration into virtual environments.

Environments and Backgrounds

Scan real locations and environments to create realistic backdrops and settings for films and gaming.

Animation and Motion Capture

Utilize 3D scans for precise animation and motion capture, creating lifelike characters and movements

Special Effects

Enhance VFX with realistic textures and details captured through 3D scanning