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Discover Edge 3D's advanced 3D scanning and modeling solutions designed to revolutionize the marine sector. Our innovative technology and expertise empower marine professionals to optimize operations, enhance safety, and improve efficiency.


1.Enhanced marine asset management and maintenance efficiency..
2.Streamlined ship design and construction processes.
3.Increased safety through accurate assessments and inspections.
4.Improved resource allocation and cost-effectiveness.
5.Faster turnaround times for repairs and retrofits.

Why Choose Edge 3D:

Edge 3D's profound expertise and state-of-the-art technology in marine 3D scanning and modeling make us the go-to partner for marine professionals worldwide. We are committed to delivering exceptional results and fostering sustainable growth in the marine industry.

Use cases

Shipbuilding and Repair

Accurate 3D scans of ships and vessels enable precise modeling for design, construction, and maintenance purposes.

Offshore Structures

Create detailed 3D models of offshore platforms and structures to facilitate planning, inspections, and asset management.

Reverse Engineering

Digitally recreate spare parts and components, simplifying repair and replacement in the marine industry.

Collision Analysis

Conduct comprehensive collision analysis and damage assessment for marine accidents and incidents.