Scan to BIM (LOD 350) 7 Power substations

Project Details

UserName: Test Client

Date: 4 January  

Duration: 5 Months


1. Description

The power stations were not functional for many years and needed a complete overhaul and renovation to get them up and running again. The EPC undertaking the project is based in India. Edge 3D had contacted them and showcased our capabilities to capture the site and create 3D BIM models for them to undertake preconstruction work i.e. design modifications etc. at their office in India while the sites were in Algeria. Edge 3D had saved them the cost of sending their team to Algeria, eliminating any human errors which could occur while capturing the site but most importantly saved them time by capturing 7 sites in a span of 2 weeks.

2. Background

Due to the state of power stations, it would have been impossible to use conventional methods to survey the site. Using 3D laser scanning technology Edge 3D successfully deliver to our Client the As-Built documentation and BIM models at a turnaround time which reduced the time of more than 3 months. Our Clients were extremely satisfied. This also enabled them to execute their work having accurate data, which is accessible to them anytime and anywhere (remotely).

3. Our Deliverables

3D Dump Model
Intelligent Model
2D Architectural Drawings
Structural Layout
HVAC Drawings