Scan to BIM (LOD 350) of a fertilizer unit

Project Details

UserName: Test Client

Date: 4 January  

Duration: 4 months


1. Description

The unit head was in need of As-Built documentation of the piping & equipment layout. This needed to be done in a short span of time. This is where Edge 3D was contacted for 3D laser scanning technology as it is the most updated technology in the industry, the safest & quickest way to capture the As-built conditions of the site. Edge 3D was able to successfully deliver to our Client the As-Built documentation at a turn around time which made our Client extremely satisfied. This also enabled him to execute his work having accurate data, which is accessible to them anytime.

2. Background

The unit has been operational for a long time and due to operational constraints, there were many duplations and modifications which were physically done on-site. These changes and modifications were not documented. The unit is used to store volatile and flammable chemical making the surrounding vulnerable to fire accidents. To comply with the regulations, 3D laser scanning technology was implemented to document the refinery.

3. Our Deliverables

3D Dump Model
Intelligent Model
P&IDs Isometrics
Equipment Layout
Structural Layout
HVAC Drawings